stands for

EVERYONE GETS BETTER                ( Iedereen Wordt Alsmaar Beter )

this means that anyone can become wise if you just want to share the knowledge free of charge.
My teacher PA3CGE gave text and explanations to 4 people, so well that we all passed C.

Now I had done everything from scratch and learned with such mistakes the exam in Utrecht, that it was decided:


That's how it came,
first just at my home and always 8 to 12 people.
That was also successful.

But because of my work, often abroad, I had to stop.

10 years ago started again with what people help for their N or F and with pleasure ...
But due to some disagreement, I was no longer welcome there ....
At the same time there was a person who insisted that I could NOT teach because I have no ING fror my name ....

Friends of mine were like creating a website, quite difficult and maybe not for me ...

I was given space to create the site and look here ...
Still not complete and fixed with errors.

But an important part of my hobby.

Fortunately I am not doing it alone, also Mieke, an old student is happy to take over the lessons, ..... very well.

Teaching at home gives a better bond with the students and the score percentage was high and 100%.

Online teaching is more difficult, wants to go for the 100% but got stuck at 82% in the worst year.

Not surprising, but the students have the most input, enthusiasm and perseverance to make it a success.

Willem PA3KYH